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XML shows promise, but don't underestimate its problems

I have been working now over 3 years closely with XML and I have started hate and love it like Microsoft :) It’s now in everywhere except it hasn’t hit really to PHP world. That’s probably because PHP people wants to do stuff easy and fast. Like that brilliant PHPNuke CMS there is no XSL’s but some own templating thing which is probably easier to learn than XSL.

Lot of people have been focusing a lot Web Services especially on .NET world but I personally dont know much about SOAP I think lot of Web Services popularity is behind .NET marketing campaings where Microsoft was making so many hello world samples all over the word that developers started to think that .NET is about Web Services. Web Services come with three major problems: fat, bandwidth-eating formats, poor security, and high server loads. Therefore only real competitor to XML is SQL. This brings me back to PHP, how many companies really needs to have XML/Web Services website. I mean do they really need to get information from website to their Nokia phones in module based XHTML or WAP? Or is it enought that they would just have normal webpages?
I was while ago trying out those Open Source CMS solutions and I think they are really great. As a daily work I have to develop XML/XSL. XML may easy to write, but it could prove hard, very hard, to deploy successfully.
In a bottom line I think XML needs again much much more bandwidth/hardware and its not very good format for websites but brilliant for Server to Server or Application to Application communications