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Xbox 2 news (or rumors)

Alex Albrecht has some insider news about Xbox II. Seems like we are going to expect big battle with PS3 and Xbox2 but which is out first?

1) Hard Drive… Yes! There was some speculation that MS was going to take the HD out to make it more difficult to Mod.

2) Flash based HD… Yes!!! It was told to me that the HD was going to be flash based… small size fast access… BAM!

3) No Stupid Dongle DVD playback… Yes!!! The reason that the first Xbox didn’t have built in DVD playback is a simple one, Sony owns the Intellectual Property rights for DVD playback. Nuf said…

4) Xbox II at E3… Hell Yes!!! There will be an Xbox II maybe more at E3 this year…

5) Xbox II release date announced at E3… another Hell Yes!!! MS will be announcing a release date for Xbox II…