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X# vs. XSLT

Rumors says that Microsoft (Seattle USA based small software company) is about intrduce a functional programming language to progress XML called X#. According to an article on eweek this new language is about replace XSLT?
“Although XSLT is fairly widely used, its power is limited, and it is fairly hard to use.”
Hmm, I think this comment was little contradictory and wrong. I have been working over year closely with XSLT and I can’t see many limitations on it.

Anyway, I think a real problem is to get legions of VB/C#/Java -programmers to think in functional instead imperative.

  1. —- clip from XSLT -list—–

    Someone on a thread from another forum suggested that this is actually
    the Xtatic project, the home page of which is at:

    This is the second stage of the implementation of main ideas of XDuce.

    A small excerpt from the XTatic overview:

    “Our goal is to make Xtatic look to the programmer like a mild
    extension of C#, adding just two things to the existing language. The
    first is a new family of primitive types, written XML, where T is a
    regular expression type in the style of XDuce; the values belonging to
    such types will be XML trees whose shape is described by T. For
    example, the type
    XML contains trees
    labeled person and containing a name followed by arbitrarily many email
    addresses and telephone numbers. (Since these descriptions can become
    large, we offer facilities for naming common ones and for interpreting
    existing DTDs and XML-Schema specifications as regular expression
    types.) Second, we provide XDuce-style regular expression pattern
    matching for destructing XML trees. ”

    The Xtatic team is comprised of some of the most respected scientists
    in the field of programming languages, type theory and functional
    programming (Benjamin C. Pierce, Phil Wadler, Martin Odersky, … just
    to name a few).

    Probably someone, who’s well acquainted with XDuce could comment on


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