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World-wide quality of life survey

Best Cities in the world in 2005 according World-wide quality of life survey by Mercer.

1/2 Geneva, Zurich*
3/4 Vancouver and Vienna*
5/6/7 Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf*
8/9/10 Bern, Copenhagen, and Sydney*
*Joint positions

Looks like Switzeland is a good place to live but overall European cities score well.
Luxembourg ranks as the world?s top city for personal safety and security, according to a quality of life survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. Luxembourg is followed by Helsinki, Bern, Geneva, and Zurich which take joint second place.

  1. Based on personal experience I would say that Vancouver is misplaced. I would expect everyone who have been there to put it right up at the top where it belongs :-)

  2. Yeah, you might be right.
    Also I notice that Copenhagen has steadily drop down from third position ever since I moved in 2001. :)

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