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Weird pic about bush

Just something I picked up

I have had a CNN open on TV while surfing and reading stuff on net. CNN was showing funny picture from George Bush, it doesn’t look at all like Bush I recognize. Bush I know is looks like a chimpanzee, this picture looks more like a guy who was a lot on TV while Iraqi war. Rumsfield or something…? I am not sure about name. Anyway here is a picture how I remember (left) and how CNN showed today (right) Bush. Remarkable change isn’t it?


  1. Hi jp, I was the photographer who took the photo on the right. What you don’t realize is that that photo is actually taken out of doors, and you can see the sunlight glistening through George’s hair. His Undersecratary of Hair had also applied some very snazzy-looking highlights to the Head of Hair in Chief. The trouble with tribbles, however, was that the slackjawed governation went awry, and the green and yellow bile came together to create a rather distasteful brown, which — as you know — will make the smilingest of monkeys frown. Postmarked 5/2/1949.

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