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VirtualBox 2.2 update loses network

I discovered today weird problem, not sure if it is related to my Windows XP setup or just a bug on VirtualBox but anyway I lost all network interfaces after updating from 2.1 version to 2.2 version. vbox_eps_cmyk2_ico
It is possible that the problem is in VMWare virtual network adapter because after I disabled VMWare virtual network adapters in Network Neighbourhood and re-run setup in repair mode it seemed to fix problem.
Anyway, Now I am happy VirtualBox user. I am still puzzled if I like it more than VMWare, maybe I do…

Update: as in 13th of April it seems that VirtualBox 2.2.0 build has many bugs. I recommend waiting bug fix patch for it before installing. Release 2.1 is much more stable. I recommend using it.