Yeoman generators

Updated May 19 2013

Just → npm search yeoman-generator for my own reference

NAME                  DESCRIPTION
calaxa                calaxa ======
ft-wp                 Front-Trends WordPress generator
generator-angular     Yeoman generator for AngularJS
generator-angular-silex Yeoman generator for Silex based upon AngularJS
generator-assemble    Yeoman generator for Assemble
generator-aura        Yeoman generator for Aura.js
generator-backbone    Yeoman generator for Backbone.js
generator-backbone-amd generator-backbone-amd ======================
generator-barista     Yeoman generator for Barista
generator-bbb         Yeoman generator for Backbone Boilerplate
generator-bbproject   Yeoman Generator for BB Project
generator-boilerplate Yeoman Generator for ...
generator-bookmarklet Yeoman Generator for bookmarklets
generator-bootstrap   Yeoman generator for Twitter Bootstrap
generator-bootstrap-less Yeoman generator fo twitter bootstrap less
generator-breakpoint  A Yeoman generator for starting a project with Breakpoint
generator-btapp       BitTorrent btapp.js web app yeoman generator
generator-buster      generator-buster ================
generator-cagspa      A generator for Single Page Applications
generator-carlosypunto A generator for Yeoman. Generate simple require.js workfl
generator-charcoal    Alternative Yeoman generator for Ember
generator-chrome-extension Yeoman generator for Chrome Extensions
generator-chromeapp   Yeoman generator for Chrome App
generator-cityjs      Yeoman generator for CityJS
generator-closure     Generator for Closure Library
generator-component   A Yeoman generator for components.
generator-cucumber    Yeoman generator for Cucumber.js
generator-dotfiles    Get started with your projects quickly using this generato
generator-ember       Yeoman generator for Ember
generator-express     A nodejs express generator for Yeoman
generator-firefoxos   A Firefox OS app generator for Yeoman
generator-flask       Yeoman generator for Flask project
generator-footguard   Yeoman generator for single page application
generator-foundation  Yeoman generator for Stylus themes, especially zurb founda
generator-frontend    Scaffolds out a boilerplate for front-end development.
generator-generator   Generator Generator for Yeoman
generator-genesis     Yeoman Generator for Genesis Skeleton
generator-gpmd        Modified Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end
generator-gumby       Yeoman generator for Gumby 2 Framework
generator-h5bp        HTML5 Boilerplate generator
generator-heroku      A heroku setup generator for Yeoman
generator-init        A generator for generating generators in Yeoman
generator-jasmine     Yeoman generator for Jasmine
generator-jquery-boilerplate Yeoman Generator for jQuery Boilerplate
generator-js-library  Yeoman Generator for client-side JS Libraries, w/ Karma Ru
generator-jsmodule    Generator for scaffolding out a JavaScript module for Node
generator-karma       Yeoman generator for Karma
generator-kissy-gallery kissy gallery generator
generator-kissy-pie   kissy generator for kissypie
generator-knockout    A generator for Yeoman
generator-lessapp     Edited default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a fron
generator-maria       A generator for Yeoman
generator-mdpress     A generator for Yeoman to create mdpress presentations.
generator-microlib    A Yeoman generator for browser microlibs
generator-mobile-boilerplate H5BP Mobile Boilerplate generator
generator-mocha       Yeoman generator for Mocha
generator-nodeapp     A yeoman generator for a BDD node js application
generator-nodestrap   Yeoman generator for a Heroku-ready, coffee-fueled web sta
generator-ozjs        Scaffolding tool for OzJS which offers a packaging workflo
generator-pugpig      Yeoman Generator for Pugpig
generator-requirejs   A generator for Yeoman
generator-sails       A Yeoman sails generator largley copied from generator-web
generator-server-configs Scaffolds out webserver configuration for various platf
generator-sharepoint  Yeoman generator for scaffolding out SharePoint grunt buil
generator-silex       Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a silex app
generator-skeleton    Yeoman generator for Skeleton
generator-sp2010      Yeoman generator for projects using the SharePoint 2010 RE
generator-spboilerplate Yeoman Generator for rwd site with sharepoint boilerplat
generator-static      Yeoman Generator for a basic front-end project workflow
generator-testacular  Yeoman generator for Testacular
generator-topcoat     A Topcoat generator for Yeoman
generator-travis-ci   Yeoman generator that sets up travis-ci to do automated de
generator-ultimate    ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - the ultimate
generator-webapp      Default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end w
generator-wordpress   A Yeoman generator for WordPress
generator-yaml4       Yeoman generator YAML4-Sass
generator-yo-wordpress Yeoman generator for WordPress project
generator-yui         A YUI generator for Yeoman
generator-zurb-foundation Yeoman generator for Zurb Foundation 4
imatic-stack          Imatic devel stack for single-page applications
yeoman-generator      Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding