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I was just peaking into to xhtml code of and I can just say WOW! Great work who ever did it.
This site proves that you can make good looking sites and use xhtml+css for designing it. No crappy html+table designs. Try out to look this site without CSS. Nice nice nice.

Oh yes, and if you haven’t been any tech blogs or desing news site in last couple of days you probably haven’t check this out either.

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Tables or DIV's?

I’m re-designing my little portfolio site and I came up again problem how should layout HTML? Should I use tables or div’s?

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Last year there was un-official competition for re-designing homepage. I totally forgot to check out winners until today I accidentally surf to competition site.
Here is a winner check out HTML-source without stylesheets and print preview. Very impressive work on tableless layout.

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Mozilla to start new browser war?

I hope so, Internet Explorer is on dominant position and Microsoft has decided to leave the standalone browser market, so upgrades will only come with new versions of Windows. Frankly in IE there hasn’t been any improvement in last 2 years they haven’t even fix its CSS bugs. While Mozilla has started to began more and more better browser. However a mass switch to Mozilla is unlikely and Microsoft is eating Mozilla development from different direction than making better browser. Anyway read this “Browser wars 2.0” article at Guardian

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Where is IE7?

I have been waiting for long while new Internet Explorer and today I read from slashdot that it’s not even under development??? IE6 has been here now… how long… at least 2 years but still there is no news about new majour release. However, my default browser hasn’t been IE for long time but Mozilla and now lately I have change Mozilla to Firebird. Mozilla from heavy surfer/webdesigner/javascripter point of view is now days much better than IE6. Therefore I think in future MS might start to loose at least few procent users to mozilla.
I really like firebird I wish MS would come with some innovative like firebird and safari. This brings me to another question.
If MS paid AOL 750 Million dollars to settle the lawsuit in a complicated deal that allows AOL to continue to use Internet Explorer for several years. Why on earth AOL used 4.2 Billion dollars for buying Netscape and then having huge bunch developers working on Netscape and Mozilla but continue to use Internet Explorer? Well, luckily I’m not owning any AOL stocks.

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New on

Mozilla project group have made some very interesting changes to their roadmap. The new course seems to be more modular. Phoenix is going to become browser component and Minotaur becomes the standalone mail. These changes comes on versions 1.4 and further.
More about development roadmap here.

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Mozilla 1.3b

Mozilla 1.3 includes contenteditable attribute which allows you to create nice contentn management solutions. :) Now Mozilla is #1 browser on my PC.
More about Mozilla 1.3 Beta

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