How to remove font tags by using regular expressions

I found article from which explains how you can remove font tag by using reg.exp. This is especially good for web designers who fight old HTML code and needs to convert large content pages to XHTML.
Also this can be a nice little feature for WYSIWYG editors, bunch this piece into your c# or php script when users saves document and get rid of extra tags.
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IE7 Rumors

I was reading web blogs regarding rumors about upcoming IE7. There wasn’t much info about it but this is what I found so far.
Yes, it seems that there will be IE7 after all. Microsoft says that a new version of Internet Explorer will appear with the next version of Windows in 2005. That will be a last version of Internet Explorer. :( MSN explorer is planned to take over when the IE line ends. I have never liked MSN Explorer it’s somehow too much integrated. I feel I don?t have a control on web pages when surfing in MSN Explorer.
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