Free photoshop

Plastic Bugs has made GIMP look like Photoshop. Original purpose for GIMPshop was to make the Gimp accessible to the many Adobe Photoshop users out there. You can get GIMPshop for Mac, Linux and Windows. See GIMPshop page for more information or try yourself by download GIMPshop for Windows.

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What kind of Web designer are you Quiz?

According What kind of Web designer are you? I am:
“You are a Standards Geek. You dream of a world in which all Web sites are accessible on all devices, to all users. You know that, through the miracle of XHTML and CSS, good code can be combined with exciting design.
You’re truly one of those that are making the Web a better place, and although others may get fed up with your harping on about Firefox, it’s a black mark you can be proud of.”

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googleoff index googleon index

Interesting thing I found today from HTML source:

<– googleoff: index –>
<– googleon: index –>

What’s the significance? Does this affect how google indexes the site, or is it purely for the site developer?

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Firefox talks

FoxyVoice is a Firefox extension that provides text-to-speech functionality using Microsoft Win32 Speech API. With FoxyVoice
you can listen to the page being read; or browse on one page and listen
to another page being read for higher degree of sensory overload. The
soothing voices that comes with SAPI also makes FoxyVoice a competent virtual hypnotist.
Download from:

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XP bar style

XP bar styleXP bar style at Adobe Studio Exchange is the Photoshop Style Layer file that allows you to create XP styled bars.
Just install it into your Adobe Photoshop Styles directory.

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The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

Probably every single web designer have had to explain to their clients why in webpage they cant use font what is in their design guideline. I found this nice little hack that allows you to go around with this by replacing text with small flash movie. With sIFR you get nice anti-aliased headers or navigation elements to your page.
Check out sample and article about it.

Browser stats

The browser statistics are gone from Google Zeitgeist which makes web developers harder to see global stats.

“As a result of user feedback we have decided to focus our efforts on the
international expansion of the Google Zeitgeist and will no longer be
publishing data about Web browsers, operating systems and languages used to
access Google. You can view historic data in the Google Zeitgeist archives,

Too bad, but there is still lots of sites that gives browser statistics.
Here is some listed:

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