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Why you shouldn't buy a Mac

heheheheheh…. This is very funny Apple Mac Switcher Parody. Check out video in here or here. In a movie guy tells millions ways why you shouldn’t buy a Mac. Especially recommended for Mac users watch it with humor and enjoy!

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Google Desktop Search and Network Drives

Check out Scott Kingery’s GDS tips, where you’ll find a method for indexing mapped drives, instructions for forcing GDS to index other file extensions, and other tips. I followed his instructions for modifying the registry to add a drive besides C: for indexing, and it seems to have worked!

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This was on today. Wonder if their server have been hacked or are they just finally telling true???

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The 2.5 gigapixel photo

TNO has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world. The 2.5 gigapixel image is a composition of images rather than a single image if this photo were printed, it would measure 6.67 m by 2.67 m (300 dpi). See it your self.
It will take a while before digital-cameras that can do this?

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