My Experience in TechEd Europe 2001 and 2012

I participated again to Microsoft TechEd after 11 years. Last time I was at TechEd it was in Barcelona back in 2001 where Microsoft presented .NET platform, SharePoint, XML/WebServices strategy and a lot of technologies that routed my path as web technologist working on Enterprise web solutions in Microsoft world. “This is the XML era,” like Gates boldly proclaimed back in the day.

I remember being very impressed about XML, C# and XSLT back in 2001.  There were also things that I did not like. Such as SharePoint which I thought it was useless and against “Web” and therefore wrong (I still think that way about SharePoint). I also did not like ASP.NET WebForms, I loved it concept of controls and code behind but it felt very limited when looking as frontend developer. That thing was generating HTML for me!  But I understand why it was designed that way. Back in the day as there was many Windows developers ready to build web sites. But for me and other web developers moving to .NET it felt really a limitation. Though, pretty much everything else on 2001 conference was fantastic! But no more old memories, let me tell you about TechEd 2012.

So what had changed in 11 years. For one is that there was a lot less “coding” and much more architecture and platform sessions. I think they have moved development more to MiX and other events which unfortunally is not in Europe.

Overall, TechEd was nice experience but I wont go there next year. I might go there again in some time in future but as a web developer TechEd was too much about infrastructure, cloud and servers (which is important too) and too little about the coding. But when there will be new Windows Server 2015 or Azure 2.0 I probably subscribe in again.


Azure was everywhere, it is the biggest effort that Microsoft is doing since .NET 1.0 to get developers in their platform on cloud and I think it might work out for them. New Azure is very nice, even company I am working at have everything already in cloud I still could see I might as well try out Azure on some point. The user interface of Azure is nice a simple, much more appealing than EC2 and others that I have been playing with. But I think Azure needs to come down in price quite a lot before I will move there. However, if you are just starting to move cloud Azure might be more appealing than Amazon. I believe Azure, Amazon and Google will have interesting battle on this field. I am really looking forward coming years on cloud computing. In Cloud winners are developers and losers are hosting companies.


I joined to couple of sessions of SignalR and it is fantastic. I really love it. It is something I will definitely going to use in somewhere in the future.

Visual Studio 2012 CSS and JavaScript Engine

The new Visual Studio incorporates the JavaScript engine used in IE 10. This parser significantly improves the accuracy of JavaScript parsing resulting in improved design time JavaScript feedback. It supports Go To Definition, Function overloads, Bracket matching, Outlining, Smart indenting, XML documentation comments. Now writing JavaScript in VS is almost as writing C# :)

CSS engine on the editor is great as well. It supports now vendor specifc attributes and small snippets like color picker. If you are working with VS this video is worth  of checking out:

Also, now VS has updates to definitions so every now and then you get automated updates for new vendor CSS attributes etc.

Windows 8

Even working closely in Microsoft world, I am going to stick with MacBook Air but I hear and hope Windows 9 will be great. :)

Other notes

Microsoft guys seems to like GIT, I did not see single demo with any other source control, not even TFS. Cool!