Customize VS.NET 2008

I started to use color themes in VS.NET 2005 (after reading Hanselman post about it) and I really liked more dark color than default white. It is somehow easier for eye, imho.

Anyhooooow here are couple of links for pimping Visual Studio 2008. I found many intresting posts from Norwegian developers (I don’t know how I end up to click around Norwegian blog roll) Some intresing stuff I haven’t personally tried yet AnkhSVN – Adds Subversion Source Control Management features to Visual Studio. Open source / free.

Chech out more at Lars Wilhelmsen post Pimp my Visual Studio (2008) also this and this post is worth of checking out if you are intrested to see different apps that may help your daily coding/testing.

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From VSS to SVN

I have been using MS Visual SourceSafe for source control in my work since 99 and I have never liked it. It has very limited features and not to mention random database crashes. If there is a one product I would like to send invoice to its creator from loose hours this would be it. It is a really bad product and nobody should use it.

Last year however I found a life savior. I made one project with Subversion SVN and it was a instant hit in my world. SVN delivers exactly what I need for developing projects, I can put everything to SVN not only code. Contracts, Specs, Photoshop layouts, Patches, DLL’s you name it.

Here is a little check list I found from MSDN Forums, this get’s you started with SVN.

  • TortoiseSVN, a good Windows Explorer extension, despite it’s lack of support of Unicode support in any of its Diff tools.
  • AnkhSVN -not a true SCC plug-in, instead works as an add-in, but has much better functionality that the other couple of SCC controls that I’ve tried.
  • SVN Explorer – pretty basic tool, but at least provides a stable Explorer-like stand-alone repository explorer.
  • WinMerge – an excellent freeware open-source file Difference viewer, and merge tool WITH unicode support (use the WinMergeU.exe file).
  • imageDiff – good free tool for comparing two images for changes. Note: connects to the internet to display ads in a pane at the bottom, but if you use Zonealarm, then disable Internet access, whilst allowing access to the trusted zone. This prevents the program from freezing, without allowing it to display ads.
  • Finally – WebReports8, another VSS.NET add-in. I haven’t actually finished trying this, but it has some nice features. You’ll have to re-compile it with the “_scc” option. See here read the details on the modification that needs to be performed, then scroll up to the main article)
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