MosXML Mambo with XML output

First alpha version of Ciadd MosXML is out. It’s a Mambo clone with the aim to deliver XML output only. More at Ciadd MosXML website
It will be intresting to see XML to flash implementations with MosXML.

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The basic functionality costs nothing, and all the money is in customization

I just read very intresting article at IT Manager’s Journal that highlights seven business strategies for open source. After this I really don?t wonder why Microsoft is thread by Open Source Software. That is really hitting into their core business and I don’t think they have anything to stop where software development is evolving. Though, Even open source presents a large potential competitive advantage for hardware and software vendors, and vendors of complementary or substitute services. I still doubt what would I get by contributing actual open source project by writing the code?

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MYSQL 5 goes Stored Procedures

MYSQL version 5 includes bunch of new features. Most needed for me at least is Stored procedures. Stored procedures are based on the SQL:2003 standard. MYSQL team is also implementing a framework to hook in external languages, and (where possible) compatibility with, for example, PL/SQL and T-SQL.
Can’t wait final release :) More info at MYSQL website

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Mozile: inline editing

Today defacto tool for building CMS and other browser based applications is WYSIWYG editor in browser. However, there isn’t standard solution which allows users to edit what they see. After all web is not only for reading people want to communicate as well.
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Open Source E-Commerce App

I would love to build e-commerce site based on some open source solution just for learning. I have never build any kind of e-commerce site. I wonder what should I sell. :) I found zen cart this morning which gave me a push to this strange idea.

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SCO and their lame lawyers

SCO is really hard on now on the battle against Linux. Now they have started to sue individuals including Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel. That is such a dirty thing what SCO tries to do to. I have been reading news about SCO law suits humorously but now this is starting to get too personal by suing individuals developers.
Soon they will probably sue people who use loops in their code. Maybe that would be a nice way for me to make millions from software… By patenting if and when condition. :D
Therefore ANYONE who is using if or when condition in their code has to pay me 1€ per condition. If you copies of your application containing if clause you need to pay only 50 cent’s per condition. :)

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EU makes new

EU gives cold hand to lawyers and big software companies in new law regarding software patents. This is clear win to smaller software companies who have been in tight lately because Microsoft among the others have taken their business by using American style “if you can’t beat them by business sue them” way. :)

New directive here

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Novell buys Ximian

This will be intresting probably in future. Gnome+Novell integrations sounds very cool, maybe finally we can scrap PC’s and get to thin clients.

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OpenSource Movement

I have been working on MS platform and software more less since 1997 and now I think I should get some kind of OpenSource strategy. I know Linux, OpenOffice and Mozilla and they are great pieces of software. I still prefer WinXP over Linux and MS Office over OpenOffice but Mozilla have taken a place as a default browser.
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