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Koders is the web’s largest search engine for identifying and accessing open source that developers can leverage in their own applications. is currently indexing hundreds of thousands lines of code from thousands projects in hundreds of open source repositories, including SourceForge, Novell Forge, Apache, Mozilla and others. is the first free tool of its kind to allow developers to easily navigate the fragmented landscape of OSS code that is hidden away in repositories that your standard consumer-oriented search engines cannot index.

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Open Source Flash Projects

Here is a small list of Open Source Flash Projects. Tell me if you know more.

Alternative for Macromedia Flex

The development and delivery platform.

Flash For Linux
Development environment for Macromedia Flash,

AS Development Tool (asdt)
A plugin for the popular Eclipse platform to work with ActionScript 2 files

Set of Java packages that enable the parsing, manipulation and generation of the SWF.

SWF output library and PHP module

The library which enables a programmer to easily create an SWF file.

Unit Test Framework for Macromedia Flash ActionScript 2.0

GPL licensed flash player.

ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler

Flash Ant
Command-line Flash Compiler

SWF rendering library.

Tool to process SWF files. It can convert SWF from and to an XML-dialect. xml2swf, swf2xml, libxslt-based XSL transformator etc.

Local Shared Object Viewer/Editor

Firefox speaks soon

FoxyVoice is a Firefox extension that provides text-to-speech functionality using Microsoft Win32 Speech API. With FoxyVoice
you can listen to the page being read; or browse on one page and listen
to another page being read for higher degree of sensory overload. The
soothing voices that comes with SAPI also makes FoxyVoice a competent virtual hypnotist.
More info at

Accessibar is a toolbar extension for the Mozilla
browser which aims at providing various accessibility features for
users who could benefit from them. These features primarily focus on
the dynamic manipulation of the visual display of the web page in
addition to the integration of a text to speech reader which can read
out loud the browser’s user interface as well as web page content.
More info at

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Free alternative to Microsoft Project

OWB 1.1 (Open Workbench) is the open source version of Project Workbench. OWB is a free alternative to Microsoft Project. You can get it from Open Workbench ?site. It seems to have everything I need.

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Firefox 2.0 Roadmap

Firefox 2.0 Roadmap:
Top goals:
# Improvements to Bookmarks/History
# Per-Site Options
# Enhancements to the Extensions system, Find Toolbar, Software Update, Search and other areas.
# Accessibility compliance
# More … ?

Plans are for a 1.1 version towards March, with a 1.5 and 2.0 both released within 2005.

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Debian Sarge focuses on easy installation

Debian developers have completely rewritten the Debian installer for the next version of the Linux distribution, code-named Sarge. The update, due around the New Year, is the first major release of Debian since July 2002 when the current version, Woody, was released.

The next major release of Debian distribution is finally making installation easier for non-technical users. This is good news for me because I don’t like systems where I have to think what should I do and I really like this mouse thing and GUI instead text based installation screens.

You can find more info about Sarge from Debian site

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Firefox got neat feature

Live Bookmarks is a new technology in Firefox that lets you view RSS news and blog headlines in the bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks menu. With one glance, quickly see the latest headlines from your favorite sites. Go directly to the articles that interest you — saving you time.

See picture below:
Subscribe to RSS on Firefox

As picture tells there is a little RSS button on page when there is a rss feed available for page contents. When you click it Firefox creates new folder into bookmarks with feed links and titles.

More information in

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