Firefox is doing good

Rumours say that Firefox, which is produced by the for-profit Mozilla Corporation, made $72M last year and is on target to have 120 employees this year.
This is roughly $1/user perhaps already less I would guess firefox users are near to 100 million already. Anyway, intresting information. I hope they growth to 120 employees will extend innovation, features and quality of the product in same scale.

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How to choose an open-source CMS

Content management specialist Seth Gotlieb has written an easy to understand how-to on selecting an open source CMS at zdnet. Gotlieb is also responsible for the whitepaper ‘Content Management Problems and Open Source Solutions‘ which summarizes 15 open source projects and distinguishes between open source CMS and proprietary software selection.

Many Companies want a formal tech support solution where they can call someone on the phone to ask questions and blame. I think many of the smaller open source projects are over looked because of the lack of phone support; however, some of the larger projects such as Open Office do provide tech support and are used by more companies because of it.

Good place to start looking is

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Nokia 770 available

Nokia 770Nokia has started the sales of its Debian based Internet Tablet. This is something I need. Too bad is almost 100? more expensive than PSP.

Weight – 230 g
Dimensions ? 141x79x19 mm
Powered by Linux operating system
Touchsreen with 800×480 pixels and 65K colors
128 MB of flash memory
Slot for RS-MMC cards
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
Bluetooth 1.2 and USB
Support of MP3, MPEG4-AAC, WAV, AMR, MP2, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, Animated GIF, SVG-tiny, ICO, MPEG1, MPEG4, Real Video, H.263, AVI and 3GP files.

Mambo is now Joomla! and logo competion is open

About month ago team of core developers, that developed the world?s most popular content management system known as Mambo, has changed the name of their software to Joomla!.

New name and site came after the development team unanimously voted to secure the project?s future in the spirit of open source software.

Joomla! Logo competition launched.
Now the Core team of Joomla! would like to officially invite entries in our logo contest. The logo contest is open to all community members and will decide the Official Logo for Joomla!. People with a great idea are encouraged to submit it regardless of their ability to render a final version.
If you are designer or have a creat idea check out rules, take a look logo entries and make your own suggestion.

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GNOME Luminocity and Cairo

Here is a couple of very intresting GUI updates for GNOME.

Luminocity is a 3-D window manager using Open GL with effects like warping windows and alpha compositing. Cairo is an antialiased font and stroke renderer that makes GNOME look better on the screen. Seth Nickell’s blog
has some videos demonstrating these features.

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