Getting started with Sitecore MVC

Earlier this summer I finished my first Sitecore project in MVC. I have worked on some Sitecore implementations before where there has been a mix of MVC and WebForms but this time I had a finally change to make presentation ground up so naturally I chose MVC. I have to admit I never felt in home on .NET webforms even I have been working with .NET since version 1.0. For me whole point of abstracting away some of the difficulties of a stateless protocol has always been giving more confusion than benefits. Probably because I was coming to .NET world from web development and I had never been developing in Windows. Anyway, what gave me quick start to MVC in Sitecore was these two videos.

Sitecore MVC – Getting Started (Part 1)

Sitecore MVC — View Renderings, @Html.Sitecore(), and Custom Models (Part 2)

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