Microsoft conference unveils new upcoming technologies

Microsoft is having PDC (Microsoft Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles USA this week and blogs around the internet has started to get very interesting posts regarding Longhorn and Whidbey.
I found extremely interesting post in Longhorn blogs where Ryan Dawson is writing about new upcoming technology: XAML, which stands for XML Application Markup Language which is basically Microsoft implementation of XUL.
From PDC site you can find also PDC blog list and lots of other intresting stuff to read and watch.

My first review on Windows Server 2003

Last weekend I installed Windows Server 2003 Datacenter edition to my computer and I was quite amaze about usability issues on it. Apparently Microsoft has taken UNIX thinking on setting up server environment. In previous versions of MS Servers everything used to be open and setting up web server took only 2 hours max. Now you need 1 day to setup web server because everything is closed and to enable those services you need to know more than pressing next buttons on wizards.
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X# vs. XSLT

Rumors says that Microsoft (Seattle USA based small software company) is about intrduce a functional programming language to progress XML called X#. According to an article on eweek this new language is about replace XSLT?
“Although XSLT is fairly widely used, its power is limited, and it is fairly hard to use.”
Hmm, I think this comment was little contradictory and wrong. I have been working over year closely with XSLT and I can’t see many limitations on it.

Anyway, I think a real problem is to get legions of VB/C#/Java -programmers to think in functional instead imperative.

Office 11

Someone has another opinion about XML support on Office 11
All Office products will output to an XML file, which would be viewable via any browser, but editable only from within the originating office application–or by a very, very skilled XML programmer.”
“Basically, Microsoft using XML for Office is a PR trick.