For Sunday afternoon fun I installed PearPC with Panther. It was quite funny to see Mac running in window on XP.
Unfortunally I had some problems to get network running.

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EXSLT.NET library is community-developed free open-source implementation of the EXSLT extensions to XSLT for the .NET platform. EXSLT.NET fully implements the following EXSLT modules: Dates and Times, Common, Math, Random, Regular Expressions, Sets and Strings. In addition EXSLT.NET library provides proprietary set of useful extension functions.

Download EXSLT.NET 1.1 at the EXSLT.NET Workspace home –
EXSLT.NET online documentation –

EXSLT.NET Features:

  • 65 supported EXSLT extension functions
  • 13 proprietary extension functions
  • Support for XSLT multiple output via exsl:document extension element
  • Can be used not only in XSLT, but also in XPath-only environment
  • Thoroughly optimized for speed implementation of set functions

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Xamlon v0.9 (Beta 5)

You can now run XAML wherever the .NET Framework is installed. See pretty picture below.

Xamlon v0.9 (Beta 5)

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 integration, which lets you visually design forms and generate XAML user interface code with Visual Studio.
  • Declarative 3-D support
  • Extensive new sample applications
  • AiSVG (Adobe Illustrator SVG) to XAML converter
  • XamlPad, a simple editor for XAML with real-time preview

Get it from

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IE7 news

I was reading in that there is some ways actually talk with Internet Explorer team and yes… rumor says that there is that kind of team.

Try these out:
1) Does Microsoft care about Webmasters? (IE group program manager Tony Chor is answering questions there — read all three pages).

2) When will we see features that Internet Explorer lacks? (Tony Chor is answering questions here too — read all three pages).

3) Wiki for leaving product feature requests for IE (the IE team is watching here).

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XHTML -strict Schema for VS.NET

Another nice little schema which makes Microsoft Visual Studio Web Form templates to XHTML -Strict. This is very nice for people who actually needs those standards instead of hearing marketing bulk from MS how they follow industry standards. (just a days negative comments to MS :) )
More info here and download is here

If you are good in German and you use FP2003 or VS.NET 2003 check this out.

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XSLT Intellisense for Visual Studio.NET

It has been buggering me for long time that VS.Net does not ship with the XSLT schema needed to enable Intellisense for your XSLT v1.0 documents as well as XSLT templates are without the xsl: prefixes for some reason when you make new xslt document. I was tipped out in Sitecore Developer Seminar that I should install this little add-on for Visual Studio to solve a problem. Fesersoft VS.NET XSLT v1.0 Schema

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XAML: Extensible Application Markup Language

XAML (pronounced “Zamel), Object Graph definition language or Extensible Application Markup Language, is Microsoft’s new XML-based declarative markup language for building application in the next generation of Windows, code-named “Longhorn”. XAML allows the developer to control the layout of application interfaces including text, graphics, buttons, and the entire collection of .NET user interface controls.

This looks set to represent the ultimate browser lock-in – in a few years time when IE 7 comes as standard on new PC s I wouldn’t be surprised to see the corporate software development world moving almost exclusively to this technology – after all, it’s going to be extremely easy both to develop and to distribute and it will have all of the benefits of a web application without the downside of the restricted GUIs offered by HTML. With this new layout engine in next IE or in Longhorn Microsoft can kill in same time other browsers and flash.
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Microsoft in searching search

Seems like last week try to overtaking Google didn’t work. Now MS is searching alternatives for Google. All I can say good luck… You can’t beat Google! Thought I am pretty sure that MS Guys with BIG bugs will eventually find agreement, everybody has a price.
It will be interesting to see what will happen when MS programmers starts to migrate Google indexes into .NET. I am afraid Pigeons will find new home pretty fast. :)

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ASP.NET "Whidbey" site now has a lot of whitepapers and screen-shots of ASP.NET and Visual Studio Whidbey.

Seems like “Whidbey” has a Frontpage 2003 engine inside, which is nice. Now it can target a particular HTML standard such as XHTML 1.0 Strict or XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Nice….

ASP.NET "Whidbey" and Visual Studio "Whidbey" are the next release of Microsoft Web platform and tools. With ?Whidbey? you will be able to build powerful, scalable, and feature rich Web applications faster than ever before. Common and never-before possible scenarios become simple allowing developers to build the best Web experience. "Whidbey" is currently in Alpha, with about 2/3rds of the functionality complete expect a feature complete beta coming in late spring.

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