Google Earth…. WOW

No… I haven’t been living under a rock last few weeks. I just haven’t had a time to check out this new application before. But now I am totally hooked to Google Earth it?s really, really cool. As well as Google maps, Gmail, Google Groups and… yes… Search as well.
I need to hook up very soon to their API.
These guys are doing really cool applications.Thought, one thing I don’t understand they don’t seem to validate their code against w3c standards :-/

AJAX links

Developers and designers have come really crazy about AJAX. I started to look for AJAX framework for some simple form validation and I found huge amount of code samples and frameworks which are under development or already on version 5.0.

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Getting into VS.NET 2k5

Looks like new version of Visual Studio is actually REAL new version not like VS.NET 2003 which was more like a patch to VS.NET than actually new version of the IDE.

I got my own copy of Visual Studio 2005 from Microsoft this week. However, I have been quite busy this week so I haven?t got into program yet. I have been working with XSLT?s with it and damn I love code IntelliSense in it. Thank you Microsoft!
Here is something I have found out so far.
Introduction to .NET 2.0 (layout breaks in Firefox)
VS2005 beta 2 slow?

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XAML isn?t for the web.

As a web developer I haven’t been able to figure out what will I do with XAML on my work. First when I heard about XAML I though XAML will be Microsoft replacement for SVG. After looking XAML I got really angry for Microsoft because I was unable to find any W3C standards except XML in it. This would it mean that I can’t reuse CSS, SVG etc. in XAML. Until today I have lived on misconception that MS is just out to push some new proprietary standard.

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Microsoft hires creator of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Bad news for playstation gamers… Microsoft announced Thursday that is has signed a deal with the creator of the influential “Final Fantasy” series to produce two new titles for the next version of the Xbox.
Good oooolldd “If you can’t beat them buy them” strategy works again.

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Xbox 2 news (or rumors)

Alex Albrecht has some insider news about Xbox II. Seems like we are going to expect big battle with PS3 and Xbox2 but which is out first?

1) Hard Drive… Yes! There was some speculation that MS was going to take the HD out to make it more difficult to Mod.

2) Flash based HD… Yes!!! It was told to me that the HD was going to be flash based… small size fast access… BAM!

3) No Stupid Dongle DVD playback… Yes!!! The reason that the first Xbox didn’t have built in DVD playback is a simple one, Sony owns the Intellectual Property rights for DVD playback. Nuf said…

4) Xbox II at E3… Hell Yes!!! There will be an Xbox II maybe more at E3 this year…

5) Xbox II release date announced at E3… another Hell Yes!!! MS will be announcing a release date for Xbox II…

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Is it only me

Is it only me who finds ironic that Microsoft has big banner in their homepage where they ask people to help Tsunami victims. And in a same page there is a picture of the world’s richest man…

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Microsoft opens blog space

Better later than never… (?)
The MSN Spaces beta version is a free service available in 14 languages and 26 markets worldwide. MSN spaces is integrated with MSN Messenger which allows you to create private blog that is available only for your messenger contacts. You can see my blog at though, there is nothing?

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Creating web application for specific browser doesn?t really make any point.

I don’t understand what sense there is to make web based applications for specific browsers. Many web based apps works only on Internet Explorer on Windows machines. It would be much easier for developers just create special windows application to do that work instead trying to fork Internet Explorer to do that work. Just image a Content Management System that works only on IE on windows. Why not just create windows application with rich text editor or make customization into MS Word instead. I think Microsoft has a great API for writing nice windows applications but forking IE really sucks. This way perhaps there could be actually some use for Web Services as well. :)

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