Sitecore 9 locally without xDB

I wanted to to install Sitecore 9 with “CMS only” mode for local my environment. According to Sitecore documentation Sitecore recommends installing XP topology (Sitecore with xDB) for development. However, I am sitting at the customer and  using my customer license that runs only on CMS mode. For this I needed to use XM topology (Sitecore with only CMS features). The problem is that XM topology in the documentation comes only with scaled configuration. For development separated editorial and delivery environment is a bit overkill and Sitecore documentation does not tell how to install without it I had to write my custom install script.

There is tons of installation posts, just Google it but before starting to install I recommend reading through “Sitecore Experience Platform Installation Guide”. It’s PDF and rather confusing but keep in mind everything related to “XP” is not relevant (except Solr, you still need to install Solr).

So, follow documentation to configure SIF (Sitecore Installation Framework) and Solr. Then make installation script that looks something like this:

#define parameters 
$prefix = "sc9" 
$PSScriptRoot = "C:\sitecore\install\"
# $XConnectCollectionService = "$prefix.xconnect" 
$sitecoreSiteName = "$" 
$SolrUrl = "https://localhost:8983/solr" 
$SolrRoot = "C:\sitecore\solr-6.6.2\" 
$SolrService = "solr6" 
$SqlServer = "localhost" 
$SqlAdminUser = "sa" 

#install solr cores for xdb 
$solrParams = 
    Path = "$PSScriptRoot\xconnect-solr.json"     
    SolrUrl = $SolrUrl     
    SolrRoot = $SolrRoot     
    SolrService = $SolrService     
    CorePrefix = $prefix 
Install-SitecoreConfiguration @solrParams -Verbose 
#Install Sitecore instance

$sitecoreParams = @{
    Path = "$PSScriptRoot\sitecore-XM1-cm.json"
    Package = "$PSScriptRoot\Sitecore 9.0.1 rev. 171219 (OnPrem)"
    LicenseFile = "$PSScriptRoot\license.xml"
    SqlDbPrefix = $prefix
    SqlServer = $SqlServer
    SqlAdminUser = $SqlAdminUser
    SqlAdminPassword = $SqlAdminPassword
    SolrCorePrefix = $prefix
    SolrUrl = $SolrUrl
    Sitename = $sitecoreSiteName
Install-SitecoreConfiguration @sitecoreParams


After set <add key=”role:define” value=”Standalone” /> in web.config.


Install Subversion in Yosemite

SubversionI had some problem with Subversion repository because the repo is using version 1.8 but the SVN version that ships with xCode is version 1.7.

To update SVN on MacOS 10.10 you need to first uninstall old version. You can do that just by deleting the binary.

Type in console:

which svn

Then remove it

sudo rm /usr/bin/svn

Use then Homebrew to install new version.

brew install svn

It takes few minutes to install.

I also had to link SVN again on homebrew (maybe i had some old references)

brew link --overwrite subversion

… and it’s done.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 16.02.17