Tracing The Pirate Bay

I just read that The Pirate Bay is back in Swedish servers, so I decide to check myself if it’s true…

Tracing route to []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 3 ms 1 ms 1 ms

2 10 ms 10 ms 9 ms []

3 10 ms 39 ms 13 ms []

4 10 ms 9 ms 9 ms []

5 11 ms 16 ms 9 ms []

6 10 ms 9 ms 8 ms []

7 10 ms 9 ms 10 ms

8 20 ms 19 ms 19 ms []

Trace complete.

The last line was pretty funny :)

Scoble left from Microsoft, but not into Google

Robert Scoble has left from Microsoft and he is going to join Silicon Valley startup as a videoblogger. I wasn’t really surprise that he left from Microsoft, IMHO he wasn’t really “Microsoft material” but just because of that he made Microsoft look much more interesting and appealing company through he’s blog. I would have expected him to go work at Google.  I think Scoble and Google would be a match, even the names fits together :).

Well, best of luck to Robert Scoble I will continue reading he’s blog now with even more interesting news and thoughts.

Server naming conventions

I have always had a problem to name servers and workstations, at home I am using nerdy Neptune’s moons names of our computers, my stationary windows XP is called Proteus my IBM Thinkpad is Triton and Travelmate is Galatea.
At work we have less creative names my workstation is called jpworkpc and mail server is called addition-server. In my previous work at Intrasuite we were naming our server by names of small cities in Denmark that was quite funny.
Though, I liked a lot naming what we had in Icon Medialab Finland in the end of nineties. We had 5 main servers and they were named after Jackson Five, which was funny and groovy. I remember that in my first job at Tietovalta we didn’t have real naming conventions except servers had names after a car. Our main server (Solaris) was called Ferrari and my main dev. server (Linux) was called Porsche, quite boring names IMHO.
Last server I have named was Linux box I installed in my work a month ago. I was thinking that what would be absolutely the most nerdish name I can think of… all I was able to come up was some planet names and Lord Of The Ring character names. Even Gandalf or Frodo as a server name is quite nerdy I was thinking there has to be something even better so I did some Googling on the subject and I found perfect name… hold on… here it comes… Deathstar. Every time I open SSH to deathstar I feel so nerd, I think it’s a best name ever :D
Now that we are starting to come up with more servers I would like to have some pattern in naming. I don’t like names SRV01 etc. that has no meaning. I think servers should always have some creative friendly name. Since I have taken some time on this issue I have come up with some suggestions I like.
I think the best ones are names of some famous people like artists, actors, historic figures or monsters and other figures. Also animal names work like Tiger, Bear, and Wolf or fish names like Salmon, Cod, and Pike. As long as all servers are named using good naming theme that is scalable, unique, and easy to remember.
Good place for getting some naming ideas.

Happy 2 MONTHday Greta

Yesterday Greta turned 2 months (here is info how old is she now) How fast time flies by we are everyday looking how she learns new things.Yesterday on her second Monthday she was in a park all day with her mother, she had lots of to look around there. Also Greta went to register her name now it’s official her name is Greta Sofia Keisala.
Greta Keisala 17 April Here is a collage from 3 weeks ago when she started to smile, proud daddy took about hundred photos she smiling :)

Google Calendar

My first imperssion from it’s GREAT! This is might even replace my outlook. I just have to find out how is the API of it, maybe write something on top of it. :)
Google Calendar

More Google Calendar Screen Shots.

The Key features from

  • Text recognition – In adding an event, or detecting a new event from Gmail, Calendar automatically detects event-specific words and suggests the adding of a new event with data auto-structured.
  • Manage Multiple Calendars – set up multiple calendars (work, personal, etc) and view them separately or together.
  • Heavy Gmail integration – Gmail recognizes when messages include event information, so when you get emailed about an event, you can add it to Google Calendar with just a couple clicks. Google Calendar links on the right side of the Gmail page.
  • Sharing – Calendars can be shared with others, and you can subscribe to others’ shared calendars. Read/write permissions can be granted on a per user basis. Calendars can be published via a web page or via RSS, so readers do not need to be on the Google Calendar platform.
  • Importing – You can import events from other calendar programs, including Yahoo Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Click “Settings,” then “Import Calendar”.
  • Calendar Search

Read also, CNET and TechCrunch

My daughter

Let me introduce Greta. She was born in last Saturday mom and Greta are doing great and so I am!

New blog

I started to get so much comment spamming in my b2evolution blog that I had to do something. So… I migrate to a wordpress. I liked b2evolution a lot but there hasn’t been updates on the software for a while so I got tired of waiting and seeing ~30 comment spams a day.

Now as you might see I am running wordpress 2.0 with default skin and no plugins or hacks. Pure and simple. Naturally as a designer I need to make my own skin on some point but perhaps after our baby is born. (Anyday now! :))