My first PC, Spectravideo SV-328

I stumbled to Roger’s Spectravideo page while back and it brought back good memories.

Back in 1984 I got a Christmas present that I had been asking from my mom for a long time. Finally my mom had been bought me a computer! I was exited when I open the package I knew what it was, there was no doubt… I finally had my own C64 no more I had to feel outsider on their C64 talks. Little I knew that my mother had asked from local electronics store a computer that can actually help me doing homework and on learning stuff. You know, all that nerd stuff you do with computer but not gaming.  So, finally when I got the present open I saw that she had bought me something else.


I was pissed… I expected Commodore 64

So, there I was with my new computer and Christmas holidays ahead so no friends to ask where to get games and how to get started. Luckily in the box there was couple of games that I could play over the Christmas holidays. The computer game with big manual and introduction to BASIC both were written in English. As a 9 years old Finnish boy, I had just started English lessons in the school but my level wasn’t even close to understand what those books were saying. But from trial and error I finally figured out how to load a game from cassette drive and how to run basic commands.


SV-328 right after boot

The SV-328 was the business-targeted model of the Spectravideo range, it wasn’t really for gaming. It had full keyboard with numeric keypad, and no built-in joystick. SV-328’s Zilog Z80A @ 3.6 MHz processor combined with 80 kB RAM (64 kB available for software, remaining 16 kB video memory) was somewhat good hardware, better than C64 on that time.

My machine came with 2 joysticks and casette drive. I had half a dozen games to start with. I really miss that machine now. It’s probably like everything else from eighties (better leave it for that decade) but I would love to see and try it again anyway.

Released 1983 (Summer CES, Chicago)
Processor Zilog Z80A @ 3.6 MHz
Memory 64 KB (+16 KB video memory)
Operating system Microsoft Extended BASIC
Country USA
Year 1983
Ram 80 KB
VRam 16 KB
Rom 32 KB
Graphic 256 x 192
Colors 16
Sound 3 channels, 8 octaves
Ports centronics, rs232c, rgb, tape, joystick (2), cartridge

For more Spectravideo info, take a look Roger’s Spectravideo page  and of course WikiPedia Page of SV-323.

If you have SV-323 in the attic, please contact me I am interested buying it just for the sake of good memories.

Finally new flat

We moved yesterday to a new flat in Barcelona which we rented for one year. We are living now on street Pau Claris.

It’s been quite busy month searching and checking apartments in Barcelona. I was quite suprise that the prices has gone really a lot up since 2000. Also, finding a nice flat is really hard since they want rent apartments quite often with furniture. Usually furniture is 10 years old Ikea quality so it feels like theyput furniture in the flat so they could get better price.

Couple of tips for people who looks rentals in Barcelona

  1. Never pay for checking a flat, there are people who try to sell you piece of paper.
  2. Be careful when you rent from the owner, better use agent so if something happens…
  3. Change keys for door, you never know who was living there before
  4. Check neighbors, you may not want to live with football hooligans

Couple of links for finding pisos…

One Cranky Airline Passenger

Funny story: During the final days at Denver’s old Stapleton airport, a crowded United fight was cancelled. A single agent was re-booking a long line of inconvenienced travellers. Suddenly, and angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said, ” I HAVE to be on this flight and it has to be FIRST CLASS!”

The agent replied, ” I’m sorry sir, I’ll be happy to try to help you, but I’ve got to help these folks first, and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear. “Do you have any idea who I am?”

Without hesitating, the gate agent smiled and grabbed her public address microphone. ” May I have your attention please?” she began, her voice bellowing through the terminal. ” We have a passenger here at the gate WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS. If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to gate 17.”

With the folks behind him laughing in line hysterically, the man glare at the United agent, gritted his teeth and swore “F— you.” Without flinching, she smiled and said, ” I’m sorry sir, but you will have to stand in line for that too.”

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Moving back to Barcelona

We are moving back to Barcelona next Saturday. My 6 month working trip in Copenhagen turn out to be 6 years living and enjoying in Denmark. Since it’s been almost 6 years since I moved to DK we decided to take 3 months trial period. We are moving there for 3 months first and if it feels OK, we will come back to Copenhagen and sell our apartment and move there indefinitely.

I will continue building websites in Addition but you wont be seeing me in the meetings so often.  I am hoping this summer to go back to code a bit just to brush up. I also hope to find some companies in Spain that are interested developing their web or intranet on Sitecore.

I am keen to get to know web development community in Barcelona. If you are a .NET or just any type of Web/CMS Developer in Barcelona area please drop me an email. I would like to hear what you do? In exchange tell you about Sitecore CMS and how is it to build CMS solutions.

We are the Web

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Santa is coming early this year

Macbook pro

2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-2x1GB
120GB Serial ATA Drive@5400rpm
SuperDrive 6X
15″ Widescreen Display
BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS-ZH
Country Kit-DNK

Estimated Shipping: 06 Dec, 2006
Estimated Delivery: 11 Dec, 2006 – 12 Dec, 2006

I have ordered my first Apple (well if we don’t count Ipod), new Intel Core Duo 2 powered MacBook Pro. It was expensive but it looks really nice. Let’s see if I turn into those mac fanatics. Probably… yes…