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Sites I have been working in past 2-3 years

I have been busy last years building sites using Sitecore 4 and Sitecore 5. I decided to list some of the sites that I can think of and write down small description what did I do on these projects.

Live: May 18 2006
Google Maps Mashup, some ajax programming and CM architechture to Sitecore V5.2.

Live: October 2005
Some XSLT ja scrpting.

Live: February 2006
Pretty much everything in the front-end. From design to CM architecture (Sitecore 4) and XSLT programming, flash, client-side scriptings.

Live: June 2005
Webdesign, XSLT, CM architecture (Sitecore 4).

Live: December 2005
Code optimazation, JS and XSLT tuning. (Sitecore 4)
Live: July 2006
Design, XSLT and CM architecture (Sitecore 4).

Live: May 2005
JavaScript, XSLT and CM architecture (Sitecore 4).

Live: May 2004
Design, Webdesign, XSLT, CM architecture (Sitecore 4)
Live: January 2005
XSLT, CM Architecure (Sitecore 4)
Live: —
Some XSLT programming (Sitecore 4)
Live: —
Design, XSLT (Sitecore 4)
Live: —
converting HTML3.2 to XHTML and CSS layout

Skævinge Kommune
Live: —
CSS layout

Samsø Kommune
Live: —
CSS Layout

Live: —
Some XSLT’s

No urls
Nordvestjysk Taxcenter
CSS Layout
Thisted Kommune

  1. Nice! You sound like a quite busy fellow.

    Some of these web sites are quite complex built up.

  2. Yes, some of them are big projects. Like IAK and Nordana. But we did have great team and Sitecore is a great product to build on. With any other CMS the list would be a lot shorter.

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