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Search engine for code

Koders is the web’s largest search engine for identifying and accessing open source that developers can leverage in their own applications. is currently indexing hundreds of thousands lines of code from thousands projects in hundreds of open source repositories, including SourceForge, Novell Forge, Apache, Mozilla and others. is the first free tool of its kind to allow developers to easily navigate the fragmented landscape of OSS code that is hidden away in repositories that your standard consumer-oriented search engines cannot index.

  1. After a few years work on programming language
    compilers, decompilers and translators, I finally
    launched an alpha version of a website for developers
    to find code snippets easily. It contains over 100M
    loc of c/c++ code. The search is syntax aware, so you
    can easily find method calls and class definitions,
    etc. I’d like to hear some feedback.

    Our web site is at

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