in General

Saturday on the sofa

Yesterday was hard day in a office so 3 o’clock I had enough and I went with Danjal to buy six pack of Heinekken… One thing goes to another and I notice that it’s over mid-night and I am sitting in Irish bar with my colleagues and table is full of empty pints and shot glasses.
This morning… I open my eyes first time around eight and I felt like I am going to die. Suddenly, going to yesterday Irish bar didn’t sound anymore good idea at all. After rolling around in a bed one hour I went to a sofa and started my laptop.
Good thing about hangover is that only thing what I can do day after is surf, play computer games or watch movies.So I started my day reading blogs. I started with TechCrunch great blog about Web 2.0 and from there I end up inOPML 2.0 experiment with Dave Winer (listen to Dave?s podcast here too).
After surfing and reading blogs 8 hours I went with my wife to watch Charlie and The Chocolate factory which was a great movie. I really like Tim Burton. Overall its been a great Saturday just lying down the sofa and doing nothing.