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"Return of the King" damn gooooood movie

I was yesterday watching last part of the LOTR trilogy and I was pretty stunned about movie. Maybe it’s just me but I have personally never seen a story so masterfully told as Return of the King. The pace, the characters, the conflict, the love, the heroism, the bravery, the frailty, the victories, the defeats, the loss, the tragedy, the friendship, the loyalty, the strength and the weakness all told with a deep humanity that relentlessly pulls you along for the journey. The story is both complex yet simple at the same time. Moving from character to character and scene to scene the story progresses the way one could imagine telling a tale around a fireplace on a cold night. It never rushes. It never slows. It just moves along allowing you to soak in what has happened without making you wait for what happens next.
Return of the King is the finest fantasy film ever made

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