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Philips 230W5BS/00

Philips 230W5BS/00I have finally updated my monitor at home. I bought 23″/58.4 cm widescreen LCD from Philips and its awesome! Color and look is great. It can do WUXGA, wide format 1920×1200 resolution with viewing angle up to 176 degrees. I have 22″ CRT Lacie at work and it feels like little old crappy CRT next to this beautiful Philips 230W5BS/00. I was a bit afraid to go for LCD monitor since I am used to CRT screens but it really looks like LCD’s are better that CRT screens.
I honestly think that this is the best monitor I have ever seen.

Philips 230W Philips is bringing a new visual experience to high-end computer applications with the launch of its extra-large 23in widescreen LCD monitor, the 230W.

With an ultra-high 1920×1200 resolution for optimum detail rendering, it presents more on-screen data than ever, Philips says.

Highlights include: A picture-in-picture function allowing a video program to be viewed in a sizeable window at the same time a PC application is shown on the main screen.

A built-in universal card reader providing six-in-one reading facilities for all popular kinds of card media.

This allows pictures taken with a digital camera to be viewed on the monitor.

For corporate users, the SmartManage asset-management feature, which enables IT managers to monitor the status of all monitors equipped with this feature online.

This significantly enhances security by allowing instant scanning of all connected assets, regardless of whether they are in use, in sleep mode or even powered at all.

Philips says the high-display specifications of the 230W ensure brilliant, information-rich images with high contrast and excellent colour rendering.

The monitor has a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a high brightness of 250 nits.

Here is some pictures from the beaty

More info at Philips site