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Personal Information Management

How can I get all my nerd gadgets talk to each other?

Personal Information Management

I am setting up a domain here in my home basically for storing data from other computers. I am not very fond of setting domain because that is quite a lot of work and a bit too much for home usage but what else can I do?

I have stationary and this laptop which I mainly use at home and I feel that is already too much. I have also Xbox and another old stationary therefore basically I have four PC?s (Xbox is a PC right?) I would love to have my mobile synchronizing data from my server and also maybe my IPAQ and other nerdy stuff I have.

Ok, now I am in trouble. How can I put all my devices together and talk to each other. Setting up a domain will solve my problem from PC?s but what about my living room. I do want all my devices talk to each other. I read that Microsoft is following Sonys footsteps with some kind of Xbox Media Center but I don?t think that my Nokia phone or my Nikon camera will talk to those guys.

If someone would developed a software which does synchronization from device to device and not depending wheatear you have Microsoft, Nokia or Sony device would be a rich man. How hard can it be to make ultimate sync software. I like Microsoft products but I really don?t like to convert everything to Microsoft. I rather have beautiful Sony TV and high quality Nikon camera and Nokia phone. But if I cant get these devices working together what can I do. Buy ugly MS products and move one more step to Neuromancer world.

What about Personal CRM

The theory behind CRM applies even to the smallest business. Although, we rely on personal contacts, there comes a point when there is simply too much information to manage using Outlook Express, or even Outlook. There comes a time when a full-fledged contact-management system is necessary. Have you ever been out of home and wanted to look your phonebook or some other info which is stored to your home computer?

CRM – customer relationship management – is, of course, more than just contact-management. It’s a three-legged stool, with sales-force automation (SFA), customer service, and targeted marketing being the three legs. What I need, and what I believe many small businesses need, is CRM Light: all of the SFA system, some of the customer service system, and some of the targeted marketing system.

In a very small business, there is no sales force. On the other hand, there may be many, many relationships with different individuals in different fields that you want to manage.

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