"Office 11" for Developers

Really nice WYSIWYG consept.

It seams that Microsoft is on the right track on this one, but I’m not holding my breath still.
As we all have seen “XML-based office 2k and xp” :) But nevertheless this is probably one of those MSXML’s which is pretty much similar to XML -standard except only for MS product. ;)

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IBM is buying Rational

This is interesting… I wonder what comes from that, Rational has been quite close to Microsoft with their UML solutions and I have been wondering many times that why Microsoft hasn’t made their own UML tool. Hmm, there is that Visio but that is not very much UML tool or is it?
I guess they will take soon UML market because obviously VS.NET needs good tool for modeling and why on earth they would give that market to IBM.
Anyway, these are just my Monday thoughts, gotta get another cup coffee…

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W3C Home Page Redesign


Written for newer, standards-compliant user agents in XHTML 1.0 strict, the design features table-less columns and more navigation for accessibility, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for layout.

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Flash weekend

I was working on Flash last weekend. I have been very un-satisfied for GUI on Flash MX. I have had a lot problems to really understand how to approach flash file. What is a difference with movie and movie clip and how do I call variable inside movie clip which is loaded to a another movie. _root.createdEmptyMovieClip.movieClip gives me Undefined…
Maybe Macromedia should look some Development IDE’s like VS.NET. I just can’t understand how to work between code and gui.


Finland (Finnish Suomi), republic in northern Europe, bounded on the north by Norway, on the east by Russia, on the south by Russia and the Gulf of Finland, on the southwest by the Baltic Sea, and on the west by the Gulf of Bothnia and Sweden. Nearly one-third of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle. The area of Finland, including 33,551 sq km (12,954 sq mi) of inland water, totals 338,145 sq km (130,559 sq mi). Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland.
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The Flash-XML FAQ aims to provide a definitive source for common questions about Flash and its interaction with XML (and XML datasources). If you think of a questions that should be answered in this FAQ, or have an answer or a better answer to a question in this FAQ please email Luke Tupper flash@tupps.com
Copyright Luke Tupper 2001-2002
The latest version of this FAQ is kept at: http://www.tupps.com/flash/faq/xml.html