Apple Safari

Apple has new browser for Mac OS X and it’s called Safari

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Trying to make sense of XML

Uffff… Hard task…. I have been working with XML 2 years and still I don’t get it. :(
But damn this is cool.

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back online

I just came from Finland I was there 2 weeks without NET in the lural area….
Nice to be back online and 15 degrees warmer weather. :)

Office 11

Someone has another opinion about XML support on Office 11
All Office products will output to an XML file, which would be viewable via any browser, but editable only from within the originating office application–or by a very, very skilled XML programmer.”
“Basically, Microsoft using XML for Office is a PR trick.

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Problems with mozilla

My mozilla is somehow totally buggy.

I think its a XP what makes it work strangely… I have tried 1.3a and 1.1.2 versions and both crash when I try to start… Finally when I started to love Mozilla it stops working. :(