SVG# coooool

Here is a nice design tools to Visual Studio .Net developers.
This is ASP.NET control for generating good looking buttons for your web pages. What’s cool about it is that it used our SVG renderer to actually create the buttons.
See demo.

More about SVG on .NET in here

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My name is Jukka-Pekka Keisala and welcome to

jpkeisala is the weblog of mine, I am Finnish designer/developer living in Copenhagen Denmark together with my wife Diana. Please drop me an email if you want to contact me.

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Just testing

I’m building CSS’s for this movable type and now I want to test if everythign is working.

Opera 7 for Windows Final

Opera 7 is finally out here is some neat features:

The standards support in Opera 7 has been improved with added support for DOM level 2 and CSS2; improved ECMAScript and HTML 4.01 support; and complete WML 1.3 and 2.0 support. Opera 7 also handles non-standard pages using DHTML, giving Opera’s millions of old and new users a hassle-free Internet experience.
Links panel, Fast Forward and more… check out


I found pure XML/XSLT -website written in traditional ASP. I wonder where I could find similar thing but with PHP.

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X# vs. XSLT

Rumors says that Microsoft (Seattle USA based small software company) is about intrduce a functional programming language to progress XML called X#. According to an article on eweek this new language is about replace XSLT?
“Although XSLT is fairly widely used, its power is limited, and it is fairly hard to use.”
Hmm, I think this comment was little contradictory and wrong. I have been working over year closely with XSLT and I can’t see many limitations on it.

Anyway, I think a real problem is to get legions of VB/C#/Java -programmers to think in functional instead imperative.

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