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XML Is Too Hard For Programmers

Tim Bray, one of the co-authors of the original XML 1.0 specification is writing on his website that XML Is Too Hard For Programmers, explaining why he’s been feeling unsatisfied lately with XML and says his last experience writing code for handling XML was ‘irritating, time-consuming, and error-prone.

I thing he is kind of right. It’s very, VERY hard to learn use XML on software development. Microsoft has help a lot people with .NET framework to get kick start for it but still, Microsoft has their own view of XML which doesn’t necessary meet general, well at least my view of developing XML. The anti-XML community has several sites stating their positions.

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Windows XP GUI half done

I just bumb to very intresting article at acts of volition about windows XP GUI. I have build Intranet for Windows XP look and feel because we thougth that XP GUI would be good in usability wise. Well it is sort of (comparing to other windows) but those icons and edges are really half done. Also GUI in general is not nice looking, well yes I bet it is very hard to come up with a GUI when audience size is a world.
But still less is more, if I want blue I should have it via themes and default should be plain always.

You can read whole article at acts of volition web-site.

And oh yes, if someone can find me good design guidelines howto make designs on Windows GUI I buy a beer.

Updating to XHTML1.1

Been bored, so I started to write this page in XHTML1.1. I’m almost there couple more things need to figured out like how do I make anchor in page if <a name=”lorem” > doesn’t excist anymore? Actually I’m not sure if it does because I tried to read DTD and that’s not very easy to read.
Maybe I should look little WAI as well.

Seems like Macromedia has redesign their site looks OK.

Now It’s time to bed tomorrow is a loooong day at work.