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PS3 'Cell inside'

Playstation LogoThe core of the PlayStation 3 will be new CPU technology. The project is a joint effort by Sony, Toshiba and IBM. They have been working on the project since 2001, but so far very little facts about its functionality has been released. Sony expects to use the chip inside HDTV’s and computers as well.

a joint statement the three firms gave hints about how the chip will work but fuller details will be released in February next year at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco.

The PlayStation 3 is expected in 2006 but developers are expecting to get prototypes early next year to tune games that will appear on it at launch.
The three firms claim that the Cell chip will be up to 10 times more powerful than existing processors.

When put inside powerful computer servers, the Cell consortium expects it to be capable of handling 16 trillion floating point operations, or calculations, every second.

The chip has also been refined to be able to handle the detailed graphics common in games and the data demands of films and broadband media.

Source: BBC