Opera 7 for Windows Beta 1

Maybe I should download and try this… But there is no really replacement for Mozilla…

1 thought on “Opera 7 for Windows Beta 1”

  1. I’d recommend the download URL instead…much more useful. ;)

    As far as Opera being a replacement for Mozilla…most definitely!

    How about:
    – Native IM client
    – Native RSS newsfeed reader
    – Native POP3/IMAP mail client
    – Native mouse gestures
    – Native page bar
    – 2 Native skins
    – Mimick 1 of 5 user-agent/browser strings
    – Bookmark nicknames
    – Web Notes
    – Configurable toolbars and menus
    – Configurable mouse and keyboard shortcuts
    – Configurable buttons and commands
    – Fast loading and rendering
    – More…

    All this in a single download: 3.4MB

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