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OpenSource Movement

I have been working on MS platform and software more less since 1997 and now I think I should get some kind of OpenSource strategy. I know Linux, OpenOffice and Mozilla and they are great pieces of software. I still prefer WinXP over Linux and MS Office over OpenOffice but Mozilla have taken a place as a default browser.

Now days Microsoft uses every available weapon on a battle against free code. But is it going to work out really, will they be able to kill idea that someone would give their code out for free. First I would say no but then again maybe yes? Few years ago Open Source Movement started to get big audience basically because of Linux and now days we can get almost any kind of software for free. All you need now is knowledge.

Big software corporations with a lead of Microsoft are fighting against Open Source by making anti-opensource campaigns and now lately lawsuits (SCO).
I have found those anti-opensource campaigns quite funny. Especially in US Microsoft has used communism and anti-American words around opensource. They also said especially on Linux that it is not secure because it’s open source. I find that also very strange, how it can be unsecured when you know exactly what does it do and you can disable it if you want. Last week B Gates said on some interview that Opensource is not innovative, quite string words from Microsoft.
Seems like they see Opensource as a real thread and they should be because that is taking software development into a new level where software experts rules again.
I guess Microsoft has seen that they can’t convince software developers to turn against Opensource because they are the ones who benefits most on Opensource code. I guess therefore Microsoft has been focusing now days more to convince management people and not so much anymore developers, like in old good days.