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Old projects and still going

I was reading at Swedish website that one of my old projects has again won 1# price on “Best Business Solution”. Site is StoraEnso corporate site.
I was working on it in 99-00 in Finland by developing administration for their corporate site.
It was very nice project; we were super cool core team including Jode, Jere, me and Rasse who still works on same project at WM-Data.
Our work was to make backend and website administration (Which is now days called more fancy word CMS ;)) from scratch. We build it on the top of the MS SQL7 and MS Site Server 3. We also implement WYSIWYG-editor there which was a cool thing on that time. Just think about writing something like that when there was IE4 and NS4 on clients. Thought, we didn’t support Netscape 4 on admin anyone who remembers that browser understands very well why. :)

StoraEnso website has still same look as I see it from browser but lot of has happen since we develop first phase of the project. Including everything has been migrated from Microsoft SiteServer to Vignette and Java, (pretty big change) but looks like concept it’s still same as we conceptualized in Icon Medialab Finland which definitely make StoraEnso website best in a world. Good job from WM-Data.