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Next Generation Analytics

I was reading Wired, Beyond the Beyond blog post about Gartner’s Top Ten Strategic Technologies for 2011  and same topic in Gartner’s site for 2012. The list is quite obvious like Bruce Sterling puts it in his post. Topics like Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps,Social Commication/Collaboration, Video,  AI… But there was one topic that looks really interesting: Next Generation Analytics.

Next Generation Analytics. Increasing compute capabilities of computers including mobile devices along with improving connectivity are enabling a shift in how businesses support operational decisions. It is becoming possible to run simulations or models to predict the future outcome, rather than to simply provide backward looking data about past interactions, and to do these predictions in real-time to support each individual business action. While this may require significant changes to existing operational and business intelligence infrastructure, the potential exists to unlock significant improvements in business results and other success rates.

It would be interesting to see a software in real-life that can predict business infrastructure, basically predict anything that mattered… I think we are quite far from computers able to predict future. But perhaps by next generation analytics is just Business Analytics like Sitecore DMS? How does companies like IBM who is in deep on Business Analytics are going to implement something that pretectects something valuable. Is this something simple like behavior what should a webshop offer to a user or could we pretect something bigger like following quarter sales numbers based on customer patterns. I am looking forward to see how this can be built

Anyway, whole idea with predictive analytics is quite fascinating.