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Mozile: inline editing

Today defacto tool for building CMS and other browser based applications is WYSIWYG editor in browser. However, there isn’t standard solution which allows users to edit what they see. After all web is not only for reading people want to communicate as well.

Microsoft stopped developing Internet Explorer as a rich client and turn it back to dummy thin dummy client. After release of 6.0, thought that’s probably good move from M$ in order to keep money coming to their great office application in future.

In last 5 years I have been working closely with WYSIWYG editors and once even tried to build one my self. Never succeed though. Result was lousy implementation of MSHTML editor with ugly HTML output. Today I accidentally bump again to Mozile editor in Mozilla projects website.

Mozile, which stands for Mozilla Inline Editor is a new Mozilla plug-in for in-browser editing and according to Mozile project site it output xhtml. This seems to be pretty interesting project thought I would love to see some kind of solution from W3c for this entire WYSIWYG editing scenario, web really needs standard solution for also posting rich text.