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Moving to vectorial

Last 1.5 years I have been drifting towards Linux world since Microsoft has been pretty much dead when it comes to interesting stuff for web developers. I can see that Microsoft is working hard on creating new API’s like XAML which is (IMHO) from web developer’s point of view quite useless. Hopefully someone in Microsoft soon wakes up for SVG.

I have been running latest Ubuntu on my laptop which works like a charm. But still I have windows in dual boot because I need to sometimes work on Photoshop, Flash and Visual Studio. But slowly I have started to move my development environment to Linux.

I think SVG is going to be big in following years; SVG has more potential than XAML simply because SVG was designed for web and it’s part of web standard. It will revolutionize interface in internet as well as on operating systems. Therefore I have decided to start move to SVG world with the Mono, Cairo and Gtk+. Gtk+ is a library used to build GUI applications on UNIX and the heart of the Gnome desktop. Gtk+ is built on top of the 2D graphics engine Cairo which released version 1.0 in August: every widget is now written using Cairo operations and most importantly developers can now draw their own widgets using the PDF-like rendering model offered by Cairo.

Cairo also brings to the end user nice touches like anti-aliased rendering for a more pleasant experience. Gtk builds on this new functionality to bring vector-based themes to the desktop as well.

  1. I’m moving to free software as well, but mostly due to the money and licence factors.

    I use Photoshop, too, for my misc graphic stuff, but for icons and web graphics I’ve just found a great SVG editor. Check it out at

  2. I’ve been drifting from Windows for around four years. First with a Mac, but lately I’ve been using Ubuntu daily at work. I really love Bluefish, GIMP and other tools. Absolutely great for small businesses. Definitely an overkill for me to pay for Photoshop when I can get the layouts as a set of PNGs from the graphic designer and slice them with GIMP as needed. No quality loss there since PNG is non-lossy :)

    Too bad the conversions for Mac pretty much suck because they run through the X windowing system and they feel far from native :(

  3. I have been also trying out Inkscape it seems good. I haven’t really got into it yet but I am planning to take few evenings and go through more because it really looks potential vector tool.

    But GIMP is still not what I want. I also tried GIMPShop but I don’t think it’s even near what Photoshop is. I bought this spring Photoshop CS2 after trying about every imagemanipulation app. available, that was one expensive piece of software :(. I hope I will never have to pay that much again from software. But now that Adobe and Macromedia are taking monopoly on graphics software I don’t think prices goes down.

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