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Moving back to Barcelona

We are moving back to Barcelona next Saturday. My 6 month working trip in Copenhagen turn out to be 6 years living and enjoying in Denmark. Since it’s been almost 6 years since I moved to DK we decided to take 3 months trial period. We are moving there for 3 months first and if it feels OK, we will come back to Copenhagen and sell our apartment and move there indefinitely.

I will continue building websites in Addition but you wont be seeing me in the meetings so often.  I am hoping this summer to go back to code a bit just to brush up. I also hope to find some companies in Spain that are interested developing their web or intranet on Sitecore.

I am keen to get to know web development community in Barcelona. If you are a .NET or just any type of Web/CMS Developer in Barcelona area please drop me an email. I would like to hear what you do? In exchange tell you about Sitecore CMS and how is it to build CMS solutions.