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Links for calendaring information

Web is full of controversial information about calendaring and on this conclusion. I decide to make some link library (Mainly for my own reference) related to calendaring and scheduling.

With my dotNetCal project I have faced a lot of difficulties to follow standards on calendaring data, and since I always seem to end up making things more complicated than they should actually be I’ve been using the xCal standard as the xml schema for transforming events. Thought, xCal seem to have its own limitations and there is no other standard available for building group calendaring application.

For example Microsoft Outlook uses vCal as a data format which is from year 1 or something. There is of course update for vCal called iCal which stands for Internet Calendaring. That was made something like million years ago (My time started 1998 when w3c publish XML1.0 recommendation ;))