Kitchen project 2017

About the project (Updated: 15 Sept.)

We are re-modelling our kitchen (17m2). As part of re-modelling the kitchen we are removing old kitchen cabinets, appliances (including switching from gas to induction oven). We are creating new plank floor (or linoleum), remove old wallpapers and fix holes and replace bad walls with plaster walls. The ceiling will have battening of plaster boards hiding electricity cables and have embedded sockets for lamps. The hallway will need new paint on the ceiling and the walls. Hallway also has second door that should be closed and opening to kitchen should be more narrow.
The kitchen will be IKEA kitchen with custom fronts from Reform.

Tasks list

Renovation of the Kitchen (and small fixes on hallway)

  1. Floor: Remove old planks, level the floor and lay down new planks 30x120mm, sanded and treated. (Notice due the balcony project, half of the planks are already removed. Planks on rest of the apartment are treaded with FAXE Træ- og Gulvsæbe Hvid)
    1. We are also considering floorheating option
    2. We are also looking linoleum or laminate option.
  2. El: New electricity setup See electricity
  3. Wall: Extend wall by making opening from hall to kitchen 5,5 CM smaller (So, 60cm cabinets aligns with the opening.) Photo
  4. Wall: Remove second door to the kitchen and make it to a wall. (There will be closets installed later to the wall in the kitchen) Photo from kitchen Photo from hallway
  5. Wall: Fix holes and do groundwork for the wall. . Wall broken in the bottom otherwise OK for ground work.
  6. Chimney: Lay new plaster to the chimney Chimney
  7. Windows/Doors: Install plaster around window and balcony door. Photo
  8. Windows/Doors: Install panel around the windows (requires just a simple frame, 100cm x 60cm something like this)
  9. Ceiling: Install plaster boards to ceiling (battening for electricity sockets and cables)
  10. Floor: Install new floor lists in the kitchen and hallway
  11. Paint: Hide small holes and do general groundwork and then paint walls and ceiling See details


  • New electricity cabling for kitchen and hallway
  • 10 sockets
  • 3 lamp sockets (kitchen) + 2 switch
    New installation for 2 pcs. lights on the ceiling. One lights the lamp out over the dining table and the other lights the 2 lamp outlets over the worktops. Corresponding switches are at the door where worktop goes on from 1 switch and dining table light from another. Dining table light is stepless switch.
  • 1 lamp sockets (hallway) + 2 switch
  • New installation for Induction oven
  • New installation for dishwasher and washing machine
  • New installation for fridge
  • Placeholder for exhaust hood
    Cable ends in a socket that hangs from the ceiling. Note: make it somehow hidden. I wont have exhaust in the beginning in the kitchen.


  • Kitchen walls & ceiling groundwork and painting area ~65m2 2 x times
  • Hallway walls & ceiling groundwork and painting area ~44m2 2 x times
  • Painting floor panels
  • Painting 2 doors + door frame (one side)

New kitchen installation (Not final yet, we are checking alternative for Ikea)

  1. Build Ikea cabinets
  2. Install Ikea cabinets (without fronts and tops) and appliances
  3. Install Custom fronts from
  4. Reform Basis Connect appliances, sink/faucet etc.


Hallway, wall paper removed, requires redo of electricity, ground work and paint. Few small holes.

Kitchen view from hallway


Kitchen view from the back door

Kitchen view from right corner. The door on the middle will be removed there will be kitchen closet on its place.

The floor (planks partly removed)

Kitchen Plan

Based on Ikea planner.