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IE7 Rumors

I was reading web blogs regarding rumors about upcoming IE7. There wasn’t much info about it but this is what I found so far.
Yes, it seems that there will be IE7 after all. Microsoft says that a new version of Internet Explorer will appear with the next version of Windows in 2005. That will be a last version of Internet Explorer. :( MSN explorer is planned to take over when the IE line ends. I have never liked MSN Explorer it’s somehow too much integrated. I feel I don?t have a control on web pages when surfing in MSN Explorer.

IE 7 will be IE.NET, Microsoft accepted that integrating IE into the shell was a bad idea from a security perspective so they are diversifying IE from the shell and making a new browser.

There will be a spell checker for forms and for people who have office 11 there will be a thesauruses both will work the same way is the right click menu that already exists in MS word(red underline etc)

Popups. There will be no popup stopper (surprise!) but there will be limits on what popups can do like no full screen and multiple popups.

Tabs there are likely to be some sort of tab UI but it is likely to be different to the in Mozilla and Opera.

However, all these features don’t really impress me a lot. I wonder where they are going with their browser, it really seems that there is no match to Mozilla even they would release browser today.

While surfing info regarding IE7 I found pages about Comparing browser stats from 3 trackers and browser news.

  1. I came across an announcement about a new version of MSIE at…..

    It says…..

    “Microsoft plans to release a new version of Internet Explorer (IE) early next year with “modest changes” to the way the browser handles embedded content on Web pages. … … … New service packs of Windows XP and Internet Explorer will have this behavior starting sometime after that, the software giant announced.”

    That second link in your article has a handy chart showing three sets of browser statistics all in one screenshot. Also, it points to further sources of info in addition to the ones available at “Browser News”. Very useful. Thanks.

  2. I continued looking into the IE6++ saga and it turns out things have changed yet again since that announcement last October. I guess the final word comes from Microsoft themselves. This page was updated on January 29, 2004…..

    Back in 1998, it didn’t take long for IE4 to take Netscape’s market share, so the tables could turn. Mozilla could be out in front by the time Windows ‘Longhorn’ comes out in late 2005 or 2006. Even non-technical internet users are becoming more sophisticated as time goes by. Everyone hates pop-up windows and Mozilla is getting good reviews in the ‘internet’ sections of daily newspapers.

  3. Thanks for link Brad.
    I believe future of those 2 browsers lays on how well developers will adopt their API’s. I hope Mozilla takes over browser market; I don’t think this is very healthy for software development in general when one software company holds all the cards. Mozilla is better browser engine from end users and developer’s point of view. But that doesn’t really count anymore. Though, I think developers are the ones who decide wheatear Mozilla becomes a hit.
    I don’t think there are enough developers today on the Mozilla world building applications on the top of Mozilla.
    If they won’t get developers soon to develop on XUL Microsoft will come sooner or later with XAML and moves developers there.

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