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I think I choose PS3

PS3 from behind with ControllerI have been waiting new Xbox to replace that horrible looking black+neon-green xbox but ever since PS3 was launched I change my mind. PS3 is going to be in my livingroom. I have also been a bit disapointed on Xbox. Mainly because of the reason I bought xbox over ps2. Games… Maybe it’s just because once you have other console then it feels that all good games are in the other. I really though that xbox has more and better games but that is not true at all… For example GTA, I almost bought PS2 next to Xbox just because of GTA was only for that last year. In Xbox you get Halo, which is a nice game if you play with keyboard and mouse, but with Xbox controls I didn’t liked much. Only nice game which is available only in xbox (I think) is Fable.
Even though all news around Xbox 2 and PS3 has been about performance and variety of the games. I think both consoles comes with very good games and 95% of the games are published to both consoles. What comes to a technology I like to read all those cool things about Cell prosessor and how it is compared with superconputers even though it’s all just hype. I have been comparing these two consoles a lot and now I am sure that I want PS3 just because it looks so much more better than Xbox 360.
Playstation 3

PS3 to support OS X and Linux?
From Sony Magazine “Sony is expected to offer optional hard drives for the PS3 with potential memory capacity of 80 or 120 GB. It remains to be decided whether the standard version of the PS3 will come complete with a hard drive. The operating system has also yet to be clarified. The integrated Cell processor will be able to support a variety of operating systems (such as Linux or Apple’s Tiger).”