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I hate PDF

I just hate this thing in Google where I make a search and I click results which are in PDF… then i wait… and I wait… Same goes to office documents like PowerPoint. I do think it’s a good Idea that they index those as well but why the hell they don?t make clear in a GUI that T-h-i-s i-s n-o-t a web document what you are about to click now. Google search should always give those results as HTML.

Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox got an article about PDF on the web.

100% agree with Jakob this time.
He says: “Users get lost inside PDF files, which are typically big, linear text blobs that are optimized for print and unpleasant to read and navigate online. PDF is good for printing, but that’s it. Don’t use it for online presentation.”

So for all people there who makes websites.
Don’t use PDF unless you are sure that people are printing documents. For reading documents online there is a webbrowser and html. PDF is for print.

Hmm, maybe I should tell you something about Fullscreens and Flash animations also :)

  1. When searching in google, when a pdf document result shows up, there’s an option to view the document as html. :)

  2. Yep, there is but for some reason I dont notice that its a PDF link before I click it.

    I think what google should do is put by default view as html and as a alternative PDF version.

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