in General

Hello from Vancouver

I arrived to Vancouver, Canada in Sunday it was a long flight from Copenhagen-Amsterdan-Vancouver. Plane was old; you know those planes where you don’t have TV on front of your seat but one big 10 meters from you. :( Though, KLM service was good, so it wasn’t so bad in the end. I even manage to sleep a little.

I’m first time in Canada. (In fact first time in North-America). Vancouver is very beautiful city with spectacular nature surrounding the city. I am staying now in West-Vancouver about ~20km from the city. I just remembered how bad my English is now that I am visiting in the country where people actually speak English as their mother-language. I guess I have been too much in situations where I have to speak English to non-English speaking person. Well, anyway this is good practice. :)

Here come my first feelings after 2 days.

Things I like in Vancouver:
1. People. Very friendly
2. Nature. Lot’s of warter, green forest and mountains
3. Beer. I taste really good beer. But now I cannot remember the name :-/
4. Dose. Free magazine I picked up on the street.
5. Vibe. Vancouver has this “Vibe” I like, it’s a cool city.
6. Whistler
7. SoMa
8. Cafe’s

Things I don’t like in Vancouver:
1. Public Transportation. They say it’s the best in America but it could be a lot better. Metro would be nice. I found sky train :)
2. Tipping. I don’t like tipping, it makes me feel guilty. “Did I give enough was it too much…” If food costs 5 dollars I don’t want to pay 5 dollars+15%. I expect to pay 5 dollars.
3. Time zones… Why Canada is far away
4. Taxes top of the prices. If latte costs $2.99 final price is something like 3.14 because prices are without taxes. How annoying.