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Google Calendar

My first imperssion from it’s GREAT! This is might even replace my outlook. I just have to find out how is the API of it, maybe write something on top of it. :)
Google Calendar

More Google Calendar Screen Shots.

The Key features from

  • Text recognition – In adding an event, or detecting a new event from Gmail, Calendar automatically detects event-specific words and suggests the adding of a new event with data auto-structured.
  • Manage Multiple Calendars – set up multiple calendars (work, personal, etc) and view them separately or together.
  • Heavy Gmail integration – Gmail recognizes when messages include event information, so when you get emailed about an event, you can add it to Google Calendar with just a couple clicks. Google Calendar links on the right side of the Gmail page.
  • Sharing – Calendars can be shared with others, and you can subscribe to others’ shared calendars. Read/write permissions can be granted on a per user basis. Calendars can be published via a web page or via RSS, so readers do not need to be on the Google Calendar platform.
  • Importing – You can import events from other calendar programs, including Yahoo Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Click “Settings,” then “Import Calendar”.
  • Calendar Search

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