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First post from b2evolution

I am doing major upgrade on my site. This blog is now migrated from MovableType to b2evolution. I had a hard time to choose between b2evolution and WordPress but in the end b2evolution was more suitable for my needs. But still I do have some doubts what if I would it go for WordPress. :-/

Problem was that I started to get sick of spam on my webblog comments so I had to do some kind of update to avoid spam. I was first thinking to update into a latest version of MovableType with spam protection plug-ins but remembering bloggers fleeing from MovableType camp into happy and new WordPress camp I decide to try something new and something what would be pure PHP.

My first choice was WordPress but from Mambers forum I read a post that said Mambo is going to have a plug-in which integrates b2evolution into mambo and that?s all I need because my next step on this site is to build comprehensive intra/extra/internet site using Mambo Open Source. Therefore I end up into to b2evolution for my blogging software.

So how long does it take to migrate MovableType to b2evolution?
If you know how to create empty db and upload files to server it takes about 15 minutes to install b2evolution, it?s as easy as MovableType.
After you have install clean copy of b2evolution delete sample data and create new empty blog. Import MovableType data in by using Movable Type Import- tool. (You can find that behind Tools tab in admin) This takes about 10 minutes.
Last task is to make templates look a like. That took me 6 hours! I think I would do it on that time totally new and better design and I should it do it.

  1. Is there a good review site for comparisons between b2evolution and wordpress??

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