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Finally new flat

We moved yesterday to a new flat in Barcelona which we rented for one year. We are living now on street Pau Claris.

It’s been quite busy month searching and checking apartments in Barcelona. I was quite suprise that the prices has gone really a lot up since 2000. Also, finding a nice flat is really hard since they want rent apartments quite often with furniture. Usually furniture is 10 years old Ikea quality so it feels like theyput furniture in the flat so they could get better price.

Couple of tips for people who looks rentals in Barcelona

  1. Never pay for checking a flat, there are people who try to sell you piece of paper.
  2. Be careful when you rent from the owner, better use agent so if something happens…
  3. Change keys for door, you never know who was living there before
  4. Check neighbors, you may not want to live with football hooligans

Couple of links for finding pisos…

  1. Thanks for the links – hoping to move to Barce in the new year. Why did you chose that part of the city? I was thinking about living in Barceloneta – any comments?

  2. I used to live before in Barcelona so I am just returning back.
    Originally I chose BCN because it was /and still is the most modern old city in South Europe. Very rich with Culture/Art as well as a Business City.
    Now I am returning for work reasons because I am opening a branch of the company I am working for.

  3. I recommend to get some basics of Spanish before moving in. It gets very lonely here if you don’t speak the language.
    Salary is quite low comparing costs so living can be quite tough in the city.

  4. Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes Barcelona is an amazing city – Spanish and yet European and very cosmopolitan. My question was about the area of the city that you chose – it looks like you are near Eixample or Gracia? Did you look at other areas in the city centre? I really liked the old area called Barceloneta (near the port) and was thinking to rent there.

    I do speak (Intermediate level) Spanish so I hope to improve quite quickly once I arrive.
    And yes I was shocked at the cost of living ratio to the salaries! How do the people survive?! :-)

  5. We were looking flat from Sarria/Sant Gervasi but end up living in Eixample. Reason for choosing this area is because I have a small kid. Close to Diagonal there is good connections. Sant Gervasi was on top of our lists because there is many international schools/daycare.

    When I was first time in Barcelona (2000-2001) I lived near MACBA (2 blocks from Las Ramblas) in the old city. That wasn’t very nice area.

    If you are single guy Barceloneta is fine but since it’s close to beach prices tend to be quite high (They want to rent flats for tourists). Anyway, beach by Barceloneta is not nice. If you live there I am sure you head some other beach. If you are coming alone check out El Borne, that is really nice area. Also, Gracia is OK for single.
    Check out also Poble Nou, Villa Olympica area if you are into beach. Poble Nou is becoming quite popular place to live.

  6. Forgot to tell. Small flats are hard to rent.
    I suggest you subscribe an email list on the sites I post. You can contact directly to agency for example: where I found my flat. In Atipika there is a nice British guy working so you can also talk in English.

  7. Thanks again JP – great advice! Yes, I’m a single guy, looking forward to meeting lots of nice Mediterranean girls. ;-) I’ve never lived near a beach before so I really want to try that. I also like to be in or near the city center, so that is why Barceloneta appealed to me, as you can easily walk into El Born from there. I love city living, being around the arty places and people and sense of life, but also I like my space, so the perfect place to live is a short walk from the center.

    On the other hand, if the transport is good in a city, you can live anywhere!

    Thanks for the Atipika link – yes the prices seem quite high. What’s your advice on furnished vs non-furnished? I don’t really want to buy a lot of furniture when I have just arrived in a new city – I think it makes more sense to rent a furnished place.

    Really appreciate your advice,

  8. BCN has great bus/metro network so you can cross the city quite fast.

    In Barceloneta usually flats are small ~40m2. Furnitured can mean many things. Like one bed and that’s it… So, ask details what is there. The ones I saw I liked more without because I can just go IKEA and buy the ones I like. Though, if you plan to stays just few months then you better look one with furniture.

  9. Ok, thanks again for all the advice. I just came across your blog by accident too, so that was a nice bit of serendipity! Good luck.

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